Primitive Skills – Primitive Hut

In the video the first “Primitive Skills” introduced to you watch multiple videos with other work, now “Primitive Skills” will continue to share his work with the title’s hut, built a hut on the “Primitive Skills”.

I migrate to new lands, select the land area land area wide enough to meet the demand as: house-made huts, gardens, farmland, land ponds, plantation of trees, or raising the animals … especially place I reside most important is water, have water to use for irrigation activities, it is indispensable so I decided to build the hut in here.

I apply the “Skills Primitive” to do the work, using materials mainly wood, bamboo, palm leaf, strings used to tie (strings used to tie here I used young bamboo) Everything have in nature, I used stone tools, hardwoods to pile digging holes,When I have enough materials I start doing my work.

First I measured the circumference, size, width, length, height, estimating finished I proceeded to dig holes to bury the column, so when finished I plugged two columns to determine the height of the hut, forward measure and cut out for being equal, I determined to roof tent is a must to slopes, this is it makes drainage when rain easily, helping to palm always dry to be long, after burying piles, cutting the bamboo as the horizontal bar, vertical bar I started using the lanyard.

strings used to tie here I used young bamboo, to choose a good tree, toughness, not broken, durable I chose the early bamboo, grow reach 4 months and 6 months of age, does not get old tree, bamboo elderly due no ductility, tree hard, when to use it leads to fractures or broken should not be used, even young bamboo then Peeling out just take the outermost layer of bamboo, because the inner layer of bamboo unstable should not selected.

Everything was finished I started using palm leaf roof to prevent rain, I had the floors, roofing in layers is to stow and against rain, sunny, put like that when it rains the water does not leak, not wet that it just to make sure, just order and neat, durable and last longer.

Finally when I knit the with walls of bamboo, wall to fence around the hut I also use bamboo, I’ve lost a lot of time to search for bamboo, to fill out, interlocking, stacking them into a plate grill for windbreaks, shading, sure rain shot in

it’s horrible when I do this entirely in “Primitive Skills”, I do by hand, using stone axes to fell trees, strings used to tie, and cut bamboo section, add bamboo to make a hut, I took about 2 weeks to complete it, I do the job because of passion, hobby to bring serve you see contributing to raising awareness, you see the difficulties which the ancients experienced.

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