Primitive Technology: Make a Crossbow Primitive

I did a crossbow for hunting in search of food!

Do crossbow based on “primitive skills” it is a classic weapon to shoot arrows, used for hunting in search of food. First I read through the ravine to find banana trees to use banana peel, stripping the fiber silk small, durable and sure about dried for use filling it, then I along through their woods to pick plants for yourself crossbows, tree I used is also relatively good, do not know internationally called anything but this plant is relatively hard, the things to consider when choosing plants that require trees to hard, flexible, have good elasticity …

In fact a lot of people know about it, know how to do as well as use it to hunt the animals, but here people often apply the science, how innovative use of metal or glass, plastic and modern things to make the crossbow. As for me, I do rely on these “primitive skills” ancient skills.

Mostly I use banana trees, wood, bamboo … things found in nature to create a crossbow primitive based on “Primitive skills” instruments mainly I used is stone, stone used to tight, fuck , peeled banana, long name …

First I define segment tree, the length of the crossbow, I used wood durable and tough, difficult to break and added into bars as expected finishing Cathedral stone, honed to its smooth and no cracks, the aim is to no flaking or damaged. then I holed stone to cross segment tree as bows, I used wire banana dried for filling it, the type of bananas only in northern Vietnam, before taking us to select young banana is the best, take on wire stripping carried into drying, after drying very sturdy rope chain, durable, good strength so that is my choice.

Also the most important part which is the bow and arrow, I use bamboo, bamboo is a tree species is very useful, it is almost an integral part in my local area, over a small stick and then add the head a small segment level 2 to 3 cm, then take the palm grip on the rope and then grab a banana tied to make sure to use it does not slip or damage quickly.

And finally we have applied “Skills Primitive” to create a crossbow, but it’s not big, not big enough to bring down the big animals, but I can use to shoot birds, squirrels, shoot small animals for food, I finished it in two days because the it was made entirely of stone should be very slow,

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