Irrigation, Water supply by bamboo tube for farming and living

Primitive technology: Irrigation, Water supply by bamboo tube for farming and living

In this article, I introduce how “Primitive skills” draws water from forest streams to serve my daily life. Before going into specific steps, I would like to introduce you to the essential role of water for each of us.

Water plays an extremely important role in people’s daily lives. Water maintains all activities of life as well as production. Water is an indispensable drink for our bodies. Water accounts for 70% of body weight and it is distributed throughout the body such as: Blood, muscles, bone marrow, lungs …. We can fast for weeks, even months but we cannot endured thirst for a few days. Water is needed for both livestock and farming. Without water, crops and animals could not grow. Besides, in agricultural production, irrigation is always a top priority. Supplying water for production activities to ensure food security for society: Irrigation water, water for agriculture … Water helps all human activities such as bathing, washing, cooking, baking … the quality of life and health of every human being.

Right now, I want to show you how “Primitive skills” has been used to bring water home from streams in the forest.

First, I took a stone ax with “Primitive skills” to go into the forest to find plants that were wrist-size or a bit smaller, choosing to cut where the sprouting branches supported the position, about 100 trees, after taking about 20 bamboo trees used to make the trough. After taking enough to bring them home again and again, take them hom carefully, bamboo is a very rooted tree, on average 4 to 6 meters long, diameter and weight depending on Depending on the good or bad trees of different bamboo, on average each tree ranges from 20kg to 40kg, to use we need to bring home a little light, not broken, this means it will not impact. or pull the iron brush away from the bamboo brush, because if it breaks, it will not be used. So Primitive Skills have to work hard on the shoulders of about 20 bamboo to move them back gently.

Using sharp stones to saw around the bamboo tube, stamping until it is about to break, I use my feet to hold it, handle the part to be cut off and break it until it breaks.

 After cutting the bamboo tubes, use stone to make it two equal pieces from top to bottom, each handle on one side (see here) tugging out on both sides until the cup is long enough, now impossible to use. use two hands, then use one foot to push the soil down, the other side will use both hands to lift and separate them. Do the same with the rest of the bamboo. After splitting, use a stone chisel set with a wooden hammer to beat from the top of the chisel, the bottom of the bamboo is cushioned with a wooden stick and then chiseled to remove each bamboo eye leaving only one eye on each bamboo head. leaving one eye on each end of the bamboo to prevent water from escaping or flowing back. Primitive Skills carefully grind to ensure that the bamboo fragment is not broken, remove any debris with your hands.

 Next I determined the location of the water intake, I had to determine the length, the number of wooden piles, the trough to be used, and most importantly, to make sure the water conductivity was higher than the target. I transport each bamboo trough and wooden stake to the water. I looked carefully and found the most suitable location. Here I choose the section where the stream has high waterfalls. The water falling from above reduces the amount of sand, gravel and other waste that flows into my stream. Find a location higher than 1m to facilitate the cleaning later, when soiled garbage we can clean it by hand, taking them out of the bamboo tube. Conduct a support pile, measure the height and choose the appropriate pile to use. grind the head of the pile, then use your hand to push down to the selected position, doing so until it is sufficiently deep and feels sure to stop. Place a piece of bamboo on top and check if the slope is sufficient for running water.

 When the support pile has created enough slope for the bamboo pieces and water to flow appropriately, adjust the bamboo pieces to make sure, taking small wooden pieces to insert under the top of the bamboo piece. Take the second piece of bamboo and insert it into the bottom of the first piece of bamboo so that the water flows completely into it. Do the same with the next piece of bamboo. When leading to a flat or horizontal ground, we adjust so that the support piles are lower in the order from the water source gradually. Place the bamboo troughs on the support pole, check the joints and then take the rope to tie them together to make sure it stays still. Do the same until you bring water to your home. Choose the location where the water flows and take a short piece of bamboo tube, remove the bamboo eye with a small wooden stick to lead to that position.
Therefore, “primitive skills” brought the water home. Now is the time to enjoy it to wash your feet, hands, face, bath, wash, cook and other activities in the life of “Primitive Skills“.

 Therefore, “Primitive skill” introduced the process as well as how to get water from streams in the forest to serve their lives.

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