Primitive Technology: Cup of Water

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In this article “primitive skills” would like to introduce to you how to make household tools of the primitive period based on “Primitive skills“. Make water containers, drink water with bamboo tubes.

First, I went into the forest to look for a big, straight, beautiful bamboo tree to be used. Use a sharpened stone to make the door around to form a circle and then chisel the chisel until the bamboo falls. Use a wooden ax to remove the bamboo branches and chop off the tops, cutting into short pieces for easy carry.

Select and arrange each suitable piece of bamboo to do different tools. Big ones are used to make water jugs, the rest is used to drink cups. For a drinking cup, we will shape the following: make use of the bamboo eye to make the bottom of the cup, use the large side as the container, the smaller side as the base of the cup. To avoid breaking the bamboo tube during cutting, we will do the following: Saw at a position about 20 cm from the cup using the cup, then separate it. Using a chisel to remove the protruding parts around the bamboo eye, trim the cup’s leg neatly (about 2cm away from the bamboo eye) until it reaches about half the thickness of the bamboo, proceed to use the chisel. to detach from the top. The bamboo tubes are split into small pieces with your fingers so that when cut, it will not break into the cup. Hold the tip of the cup with your thumb, breaking the small piece of bamboo with the other hand. After finishing the cup, we go back to the top of the cup, also use a saw to cut about 6cm from the bamboo eye, then use a wooden hammer and chisel to separate into small pieces of bamboo, then hold and break the piece with your thumb. Bamboo with your other hand to form a cup.


 (Remove excess bamboo)

Following that, I almost finished a cup. However, it is still not clean, so I will look for a lump of grindstone to make it clean. “Primitive skills” goes to a stream to find and pick up a stone. The chosen stone must have at least two relatively flat surfaces, not too glossy or too soft but must be hard and have high friction when grinding to be effective. After choosing a fine grinding wheel, wash it off and take it home. Turn over the surface used to grind up and grind the cup just made, grinding until the edge of the cup and the protruding portion of the bamboo eye are glossy and neat. So “primitive skills” has completed the first cup. Proceed to cut 5 more then turn to clean, neat and beautiful grinding.


                              (Make the cup shiny and beautiful)

  Large bamboo tubes will be used as water containers. Choose straight bamboo sections, long bamboo tubes to make water bottles, conduct a saw near the bamboo eye to form a circle until it is about to break, then place it on a piece of wood to get the gap, using the head. Pillows on both knees and hands bent carefully on the sides to avoid breaking the bamboo tube. Choose a smaller piece of bamboo and try plugging it into the bamboo you have just made, find it suitable and proceed to cut it. This part is used as the cover for the water box, using the protruding point of the bamboo eye to create the edge when attaching the lid as shown in the video [13:38].

 Using natural ropes flexible and strong enough to make straps for bamboo pipes, the effect of straps is to hang water pipes. The next “primitive skills” will clean the water can, sharpen its lid, Wash the water trough and collect water in the bamboo tube and take it for a drink. Hang up the plumbing and arrange the beaker.

So you already know how to make cans and cups from bamboo tubes already.

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